[sand]Castles In The Air

is this where it’ll end
with wishing never to dream again?
‘cause it all falls down
and the walls can’t stand.

foundation -- shaky.
workmanship -- dull.
floor -- filled with holes.
into each of them I fall.

unending repairs
it’s forever ‘do-again’
when’s it gonna end, huh?
will I ever understand?

am I gonna learn my lesson
will there be an end to all the falls?
will I be here come forever
staring still at my blank walls?

it’s the house that I built
it's my castle in the air
but I can’t help wonderin’
is it really there?

man, it’s sure a fixer-upper
is it worth what it’ll cost?
am I gonna give up all
just to gain back what I’ve lost?

it’s the house that I built
every stone place by my hand
is it my dream-castle in the air,
or is my castle made of sand?