Stressed much?

And...keep going.
And...get over the need for perfection.
Learn to live without the ever-present weight of worry.
Be alive in the now.
Give up the hassles. Hand over the pessimism.
Give it up, let it go and dance in the rain.
Blow bubbles on cloudless afternoons.
Tell jokes.
Don't be afraid of making a fool of yourself.
Be afraid of missing an oppertunity to make life memorable.


3:21 am

Walk through empty streets as pale streetlights peer down through the misty morning air.
Fade from life into eternity's gaze. I walk with angels.
Disguised by the sprinklers and caught by the wet grass, seeping through my clothing and into my soul.
The tears of heaven fall.


And then maybe

I can't answer my question: Why do I feel so numb?
I thought there was something there...
And then I thought you just liked being with me.
And I pondered whether I felt about you how I thought you felt about me.
Then I wondered if you do like being with me.
And I wondered if I really cared.
And then I decided that maybe you don't have a particular affinity for my company and I thought that was ok because I decided that maybe I didn't have a desire for yours either.
And then I wondered if anyone really does or if maybe they merely tolerate me like I tolerate so many of them.
And my confidence hit an all-day low but I didn't really care.
I'm somehow immune to the sting that kind of question might normally have on my psyche.
And maybe I don't believe that what I thought I felt was ever true.
Maybe I'm just tired.
Maybe I just over-analyze life..
Maybe I'm too passive or asexual or something.
But...maybe I'm over you.