Could communion in heaven mean Pop-Tarts and Mr. Pibb?

And it's about the little things that change my life.

I rode a scooter today for the first time. And I was going too fast down a hill and I tipped over. I landed on the cell phone in my left pocket. My elbow was dripping blood, the palms of both hands were torn open. The cell phone barely got scratched.

I was driving home from work and ahead of me the sky opened up with sun beams streaming like the curtains of heaven. And I drove faster, 'cause maybe if I get there they'll let me in early.

And I took a big gulp of Pibb Xtra and the bubbles went up my nose and it made me laugh and then the soda came out my nose. And I have never before experienced that because I just now got my adnoids taken out and they used to block off that particular escape route. And I felt like a second grader snorting milk out her nose in the cafeteria during lunch except that I wasn't embarrassed.

And I kept driving fast to get to those curtains before they closed and left me alone in this world. And I ate a Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop-Tart and then another one because what if I got there in time and they let me in early? I don't know if they serve Pop-Tarts in heaven...