A think that I thought on a 17 mile roller-blading run.

The wind is created by roller bladers on the Wobegon Trail.
Proof? When we stop the wind stops.

North wind or south today, ma'am?

Anyone who says differently is selling something

I loved you.
Just thought you should know.
And I won't have a chance to tell you in person
Because I hope I never see you again.
Don't be bitter if I ignore you.
(if I can even work up the guts to follow through)
I'm only trying to save myself some pain. A little heartache.
But I might not have the courage.
Not even to soften my own hurt if it means causing yours.

Connundrum: I have to hurt one of us
...once again I doubt I'll have the courage to pick you.

I always said I hopes that wouldn't happen, 'cause I couldn't bear to lose friends that way.
And that wish came true. It hasn't happened. But this is much worse.
They just fade away slowly one by one, falling for someone else.
All of them. One after the next. And I hoped you wouldn't go too.

Well, atleast it won't be awkward to visit you when you're married.
There's a tarnished brass lining on the funnel cloud in my heart.