A Stream of consciousness

We walk and talk and
        play on the swings.
I want to spend my days with you.  We make 
Really Good Friends.
Pondering in philosophy class,
      annoyed by the thought that

(everytime the thought comes up)
but also when you seem to
want only me.  (because what if you need me instead of wanting me?)
I want to run and dance and ignore
that other personality that makes me
           Second Guess
And avoid and annoys
me and causes me to cry 
  in the dark.
And regret it.
And I'm regretting.  right now.
regretting not using the rest room before
Modern Philosophy and
wondering...what      makes     it     so    very    hard   to  think about anything other thanhowfullmybladderis. Sometimes
P is contained in S
and the predicate is
of the subject like triangles have 
3 sides
Bachelors are unmarried.  But sometimes
pee is barely contained in my bladder and Modern Philosophy