The differences between us.

Short-skirted, smiling, she could be cute.
I would have thought she was, until I knew about you.  

Pink waterbottle on the 4th desk in the 2nd row.

Falling faster.  Dozing.  AWAKE.
   Black & yellowed pages
            blurring to a warm sloppy gray.  Words.
Unawares introducing a 
t o t a l  s k e p t i c i s m
into the most essential articles of natural and revealed
theology. What!
Modern Philosophy blurs
into dreams
...no decisive proofs can ever be produced
against this authority.
THE WHOLE SYSTEM of a religion on a 
Point   . 
which from its very nature must 
forever be

the nature of time defined

--Pale hand holding purple pen.
--Her voice is very constant.  Constantly loud.  
--my hand still reads vaguely: Call J. Allsup @ 1:35. in Blue Ink.  Check.  
--my fingernails need trimming, my lips need chapstick and I need to define what is going on in my mind because I want to know that I don't just want this to have a this I need to want this because I want THIS this not just anyone but exactly that one.  Exactly you.  And it's gotta be forever.  
--umpteen distinctions and not enough care taken.
--two hairties and a pink ribbon; left.  An old scar still healing; right.
--in 30 minutes I am going to be eating a dinosaur burger in the past.