Someone told me it's all happening at the zoo.

Felt the need to put up a sign for the cage full of men working.  = )

The sloth.  A-freakin-Mazing!

There's a giraffe behind that pole.  No, I'm serious!  and he's super awesome, too.
Evin and the gumball sno-cone that I ended up digging through with my afterwards very sticky fingers to find the gumball for him once he got tired of the sno bit.  
Flamingos.  They're swimming.  Yep, true story.  Not even kidding.

Torn limb from limb in the Big Cat House, Como Zoo

On Friday, July 25th, Maritelise Langley was tragically torn limb from limb in the big-cat house at Como Zoo, St. Paul, MN.  Langley, a full-time Nanny, was visiting the zoo with Colin & Evin, her young charges.  Around 1:30 pm, they were in the Big-cat house when Colin decided he wanted to look at the Snow leopard and Evin the Lions.  Marit was between the two, holding their hands and, unfortunately for her, these particular sets of felines were on opposite sides of the Zoo-building.
Services will be held by the Seal Tank in two weeks, after which her ashes will be scattered to the wind in the outdoor observatory area of the Lion Cage.


Good Humor doesn't drive down many a street anymore.

Good Humor doesn't drive down many a street anymore.

Come with me. Take my hand. We'll skip and slurp on popsicles.

Maybe it will rain so we can dance between the droplets...if not, I can always pull out the sprinkler.

We'll play 4-square and hopscotch in the park and feed Grape-Nuts to squirrels and cute little families of ducks.

We'll blow bubbles and devour more grape blow-pops than anyone over the age of 9 should ever consume.

Come afternoon, we'll go jumping in knee-deep puddles and then lie in the grass to dry off in the sun.

The Good Humor man doesn't drive down many streets anymore, so we may have to track him down on our own.

Because life is just to short to let laughter, joy and good humor pass by with barely a wave.